Arrested: Now What? In Burnaby, they are afraid of being on the front line of dying!

Today many people laid down in front of the Kinder Morgan gate in preparation for the “real die in” that could come should any small thing ignite that bomb that is sitting atop of Burnaby Mountain!

They were arrested for dying! Can you imagine.  So along with many others of us, no doubt, they will plead “not guilty” of doing anything wrong but protesting the fire and destruction that could follow.

Mainstream media being what it is, we hear nothing of the KM and other companies oil spills and oil leaks and what have you taking place be it in the Gulf of Mexico, the Pacific Ocean or wherever,

Remember the 70’s song, “When will we ever learn.  When will we e….ver learn!”  I guess,


in 2018…. it seems not quite yet!Mountain bomb!

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