Let the carnival resume

“Carnival”,  is a mediation space where the everyday concerns of ordinary people, especially resistance to authority, can be expressed in a myriad of ways. (Louise Leclair, SFU thesis, Carnival of Resistance, 2003).  In Canada, we are seeing a growing resistance to the recognized government and corporate authority especially in the areas of Indigenous leadership and environmental fightback.

De-electing arch neoliberal governments in Canada and BC in 2015 and 2017 respectively was an attempt at a new beginning.

Unfortunately, the results have been topsy turvy! The  pre election lies are no laughing matter. Promises have been badly broken.  Especially in relation to Indigenous and Environmental concerns, which are at the forefront of so much more including homelessness, poverty and housing.

The current Prime Minister,  self-describes as feminist, friend of Canada’s Indigenous peoples and defender of the environment. But actions are stronger than words. More more neoliberal trade agreements, more fracking,  another oil pipeline expansion hat will run from Alberta through the mountains to the Salish Sea disrupting both human lives, Orcas and other species,  and now more massive hydro electric dams, like Site C, here in B.C.
Meanwhile, the BC NDP government, elected with the support of the BC Green Party in 2017 has seriously broken pre election environmental promises. In the same way that Trudeau changed his mind about the infamous Kinder Morgan Pipeline expansion, John Horgan and the boys who are his advisors have approved the Site C Dam, continue to flirt with “fracking” for natural gas and have not banned open ocean fish farming.
Site C will mean the flooding of “another 107 kilometres and its tributaries.” https://www.desmog.ca/site-c-dam-bc
This space continues to focus on the carnival of resistance. I’ll be seeking moret resistance stories from all over the world but especially right here in British Columbia and Canada! It’s time for change people.